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Kadale Consultants began working in Malawi in 1993...

Our aim is to assist the social and economic development of Malawi and the Central, East and Southern Africa region through providing high quality consultancy, training, facilitation and research.  Our clients include government(s), development partners, NGOs, projects, business associations and individual businesses committed to the development process. 

Over the last twenty years, Kadale Consultants has built a reputation for high quality work, particularly in Private Sector Development, Public-Private Dialogue, Agriculture, Micro-finance & Finance, Rural Livelihoods, Governance, Organisational Development and Capacity Building.

All our work has a strong poverty focus stemming from the Directors’ commitment, values and vision as a Christian-led business.  Our commitment is to assist development-oriented organisations more effectively to address the causes and impacts of poverty on disadvantaged groups.  Our values are to undertake our work in a manner that is professional, high quality and with the highest levels of integrity.  Our vision is that “One day, poverty will seem like a bad dream”.

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