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Kadale has worked in many different sectors and is able to mobilise consultants in areas outside our core sectors.  We regard the following as the areas/sectors in which we have considerable in-house expertise:

Market Systems/M4P Approaches
  • Development and design of market systems/M4P projects

  • Technical support to market system projects

  • Undertaking market assessment and strategy design

  • Undertaking intervention planning; and

  • Support to result management design and delivery

Agricultural, Agri-business and Private Sector Development:
  • Research and analysis of Business Enabling Environment, Investment Climate and Regulatory Frameworks;

  • Analysis and project design for Enterprise, entrepreneurship and private sector development;

  • Design and facilitation of Public-private sector dialogue(s); and

  • Analysis and problem solving for Agricultural/sub-sectoral value-chains;

Micro-finance and Finance
  • Assess individual, household and enterprise (micro-)finance needs;

  • Review and evaluate MFI, programme and project performance;

  • Facilitating design of Micro-finance products and programmes;

  • Research and analysis around access to finance (business and individuals); and

  • Train Supervisors and credit officers and develop training materials.

Rural livelihoods, Natural Resources and Energy:
  • Research, analyse and case study development of household and community livelihoods and livelihood strategies;

  • Research, analyse and facilitate improved market access;

  • Research, analysis and facilitation of energy sector development;

  • Analysis & strategy development for Natural Resource Based Enterprises; and

  • Design, review and evaluate Livelihood Projects and Programmes.

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