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Jason Agar

Managing Director & Consultant

Jason Agar, (BA (hons) in Law, MBA, MA Development Studies) has 35 years’ experience of private sector and 25 years of development work including 10 years living and working in Malawi, two years in Kenya as well as a range of projects world wide.

Toby Lewis-Donaldson


Toby Lewis-Donaldson (BSc. (Hons) Economics, ACMA, CGMA) rejoined Kadale in 2017 having previously held various roles in both finance and strategy at AB Sugar plc, one of the UK’s leading agri-businesses. He previously worked for Kadale in 2011/12.

Siphiwe Muyila

Finance and Administration Manager

Siphiwe Muyila is an experienced finance and administration manager and integral part of the Kadale team. Siphiwe manages Kadale's accounts and ensures compliance with MRA and other regulatory bodies. 

McPherson Chatama

Research Coordinator

McPherson Chatama (Dip Community Development) is an experienced quantitative and qualitative researcher with experience in development of research methodologies, design of instruments and managing field teams.

Wasili Mfungwe


Wasili Mfungwe (BSc. Economics, MBA) joined Kadale following a successful career in corporate finance and strategy. His expertise include risk management, investment appraisals, project finance and strategy monitoring and evaluation.

Yamikani Chabwera

Research Coordinator

Yamikani Chabwera (BA Public Administration with Applied Economics) is a quantitative and qualitative researcher. He has experience in leading research teams, developing research methodologies and design of sruvey instruments.

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