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Some of our recent international clients have provided the following testimonials:

“TANGO would be remiss to not highlight the essential contributions and roles of its partner, Kadale Consultants. Kadale went above and beyond its role as a technical partner to provide the highest quality support, training, and overall research quality.”

Lloyd Owen Banwart, Economist, TANGO International – commenting on our work for the impact baseline for the MSIKA Project, for which TANGO sub-contracted Kadale.

“The (Kadale) report is, in fact, so rich in information and detail and thought, that I would like to send it to USAID, as it is, if you don’t mind.  They have asked to see some of our intermediate work products and I think this report has in it, more than any of them, the greatest wealth of ideas – by far – that USAID could draw from for procurement planning.”

Lynnette Wood, Senior Associate & Team Leader: Malawi Vulnerability Assessment, Tetra Tech/ARD, email to Kadale following an in-depth community participatory research assignment exploring community experiences around climate change and livelihoods.

“Congrats to Kadale on the incredible work producing this baseline evaluation. USDA will now be using it as an example for quality evaluation work. Land O’Lakes appreciates the partnership and are excited to continue to work with you on the upcoming evaluations.”

Kari Foley, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager, Land O’Lakes, commenting on the baseline study for a new Land O’Lakes project funded by USDA.

“ASI would like to thank you again for your superb and hard work and support over the lifetime of the (MOST) project. We hope to work with you and the Kadale Team again!”

Corin Mitchell, Head of Economic Growth, Adam Smith International (ASI), following completion of a four-year market systems project (Malawi Oilseeds Sector Transformation – MOST) where Kadale provided technical inputs and conducted multiple impact assessments over that period, working closely with the in-house monitoring and results management team.

"Kadale did a great job. I think CCM (Cotton Council of Malawi) were surprised and have not experienced this detail or thoroughness before.”

Cuan Opperman, Team Leader of the Malawi Oilseeds Sector Transformation (MOST) Project, following Kadale’s presentation of findings and recommendations from an assessment of the level of support provided by cotton ginners to smallholder farmers. Commissioned by MOST on behalf of the Cotton Council of Malawi.

We seek close working relationships with our clients enabling us to better understand their approaches and development aspirations. Through the quality of our work, our professionalism and our knowledge, we have become a key partner of choice for those wanting to have an impact in Malawi. 

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